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The most important advice we give is to add fresh water daily to any arrangement. Green floral foam (non vase arrangements ) requires more frequent watering.

Keep in cool location away from direct sunlight, heating, cooling vents, ceiling fans & avoid locating on top of any heat emitting appliance or television.

If you have the time, patience and sharp pruning shears, we suggest replacing water every 2-3 days. First, however, we recommend cleaning the vase and adding floral food per instructions on packet, and then trimming one inch off the bottom of each flower stem prior to replacing in clean vase.

By following theses flower care guidelines, arrangements typically last a minimum of 5-7 days or longer, depending upon the level of after care. It is not atypical for many of our flowers and arrangements to enjoy a longer life.


Please keep your flowers and plants away from your pets, as most flowers and plants do not agree with animals. Belladonna flowers are particularly toxic to cats, and it's wiser to avoid any potential problem rather than test your pet's constitution and immunity system.

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