Since 1993, Calabasas Flowers has been a successful high-end florist in the L.A. area. We make our own arrangements and personally deliver them to Calabasas and surrounding areas. Don't be fooled by others claiming to be a local florist, when in fact, they are not.

Consumer Information about alleged deceptive and misleading florist advertising and marketing practices.

Unfortunately, a sad phenomenon is taking place, wherein major companies appear to be colluding to fool internet flower purchasers into thinking they are purchasing from a local flower shop, when in fact, they are ordering from a flower broker or other deceptive company. It has become commonplace for these companies to place 'local' ads and even get 'local' phone numbers to further perpetuate their deception.

How this hurts everyone

Not only does the consumer end up paying higher prices for less product than dealing directly with an authentic, local florist shop, (this is because the brokers and others add on unscrupulous fees that you are unaware of), it also hurts the livelihood of the true, local florists who offer better value and depend on local business to survive.

How to protect yourself, and to order from a "Real" local florist

An investigative site has been set up at Please visit the site and get armed with information, including a link to your State Attorney General's office to file a complaint, if necessary. This site has detailed information regarding All American Florist, Aahs Marketing, The Flower Concierge and other ficticious names, being used to lure the unsuspecting consumer. Also, the site has additional information on other deceptive ruses, including free vases and free delivery.

Examples of Deception

Shoppers calling 411 and asking for Calabasas Flowers, often get the automated operator referring them to Calabasas Florist and Gifts. Calling any of the numbers they provide, links the customer to "The Flower Concierge" aka All American Florist aka Aahs Marketing Call Center, posing as local florists in Calabasas under the various names listed in, such as: Calabasas Flowers and Gifts, Calabasas Hills Florist Concierge, Calabasas Hills Florist Concierge By Wire, Calabasas Hills Florist Directory, Calabasas Hills Flowers by Grower. These are NOT Real, authentic local companies.

Additionally, consumers need to be warned that this is not just an event happening in Calabasas, California, but that there are these deceptions going on Nationwide. In addition, there are many deceptive listings in the surrounding areas of Calabasas, including Agoura, Bell Canyon, Chatsworth, Hidden Hills, Moorpark, Monte Nido, Oak Park, Porter Ranch & Topanga.   This link will enable you to identify the alleged, All American Flower shops (Call-Center Mill in New Jersey), posing as local flower shops with listings in YOUR State.

Shoppers particularly need to be alerted to the keywords, Concierge, Grower, Directory & All American Florist & Gifts, being used in  business names to mimick real shops and make it easier to divert customers away from Real Local Florists.

Please help support Real local florists. Please pay special attention to who your order is really going through, and help spread the word about deceptive floral advertisers.






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